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Published: 21st February 2011
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Living up to its German name ‘Stabil’ which means "stable", the Stabilo brand was born in 1925 in Nuremberg. Its main product at that time was pencils with lead that were break resistant as well as stable. After a setback that stretched for years, Stabilo came back in to business with a vengeance in 1969 with its famous Stabilo Boss that reigns in the industry even now. In that era of fibre-tip pens and markers, Boss, made in 1971, became an instant hit, and the Stabilo 88 fibre-tip pen that came in 1977 became even more popular.

In 1976, the company, till then known as the "swan-and-pencil factory" went through a makeover and was renamed as "Schwan-Stabilo". It shifted its headquarters from Nuremberg to Heroldsberg in 1995 and undertook the manufacturing of Swan Stabilo pens and cosmetics.

Stabilo pens today include includes wide variety of pens, markers and highlighters. It has various innovative and unique styles that would cater to the taste of an age group varying from 12 to 29. You’ll find a huge collection of trendy and cool writing tools here in the finest quality. For example, the Move collection from Stabilo has the unique look and feel of a basket ball whereas the Move Easy collection has a colourful and crooked filler.

Whether it is for painting and drawing, school or college, office or home, Stabilo pens serve your needs excellently, combining functionality and style. They make writing fun with their unique designs and multifarious colours. The pens provide ease to write and draw and come for left-handed and right-handed. They don’t blot and scratch and ensure a relaxed hold. They come in different themes like beach and are perfect in the hands of youth. And as for Stabilo pens for office use, there is the Cult series and bionic wonder that brings together elegance and utility.

Stabilo pens make an impressive writing tool and are ideal for good handwriting and smooth writing. They provide best inspiration for writing the most boring assignments and filling the dullest forms.

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